I blog on several different websites, and amalgamate them all here on this site. Why? Well, I blog on different topics for different audiences.

On my WebsiteDoctor blog I write about online marketing for business people include stuff on search engine optimisation and social media.

I don’t want to inflict my software and programming geekness (and fanaticism for science fiction) from my amd on software blog, on the business folks.

Over on my blog, I typically write about almost every kind of sport especially rugby and cycling, but also gaa, soccer, NFL, cricket and more.

At I blog about the more geeky parts of WordPress and on web design – it’s more for a tech-savvy web audience. I’ve bitten the bullet and merged the LogOn brand into WebsiteDoctor for business reasons.

Here on this is first and foremost a place to gather all the other blogs together, and make it easier for you to stalk me.

I also plan to write some posts especially for this site, on topics that I’m not really covering elsewhere. If you subscribe to the RSS feed here you’ll never miss any of my posts, on any of my blogs :)

Got an opinion or suggestion on my setup? I’d love your feedback – please contact me and let me know! Cheers!

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