Four Ways to Track Outbound Clicks

As website owners, we put some effort into setting up analytics so that we can find out where people are arriving from when they appear on our websites. We know how many came from Google and organic SEO, how many came from PPC, what keywords they searched for, and who came from social media, etc.

But it’s rare that we know where people are going to when leaving our sites!

Tracking outbound clicks on links from your website can be useful for several reasons:

  • you might want to check how many clicks your externally hosted RSS feed gets
  • you might want to track referrals for advertising revenue or affiliates
  • you might want to create a popularity graphs for sites you link to
  • you might just be curious

Here’s a run-down of several different ways you can count clicks on links outbound from your website, and when you might want to use them!

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Source: Four Ways to Track Outbound Clicks by Alastair McDermott on WebsiteDoctor