Month: July 2007

Something to smile about amidst all the scandal

After all the scandal of the previous couple of TdF days (who didn’t see the Rasmussen thing coming? Contador next, I tell ya), here’s something to smile about. He is well in front of the 152 remaining riders (189 set off from London) in the three-week long Tour. In fact, he is 24 hours ahead […]

How your fitness affects your work life

This is something strongly in my mind at the moment.
I’m a sports addict, regularly playing rugby (3 times per week during season), sailing (twice weekly in summer) and cycling – mountain biking and cycle touring for holidays.
Starting my i…

Tour shock – Vinokourov tests positive

I really was enjoying this year’s TdF, it was delivering really exciting tactical and strategic racing, especially the time trial and the 2 Pyrenees stages so far – brilliant! There’s been so much to enjoy up til now in the 2007 TdF: