Month: August 2007

Get in shape fast – month of pain

I recently wrote about fitness and work life and running a business. I also made a promise over on my search engine marketing blog that during the month of September I’m going to post one blogging tip per day as a “penance” for my lack of posting over there recently. I’ve noticed a dramatic increase […]

Rugby roundup

Well it’s getting towards RWC time and things are really hotting up in the rugby world! Yet another Kiwi thug recently decided to have a go at finishing what they started back in 2005 by taking Ireland’s captain out of it. Thankfully he had a “lucky” escape with a fractured sinus rather than cheekbone so […]

Cycling routes in Dublin city

Interesting one for people looking for cycling routes in Dublin – a guy, obviously called Dick O’Brien, has listed about 30 cycling routes from Dublin city centre. They’re listed on and include route maps, distance and a…

Manager Assistant site review

As a professional web developer and SEO I get asked for website reviews sometimes: this post is a paid review of the Manager Assistant website.
Generally when I’m doing an overview of a website I look at 3 main topics:

usability and accessibilit…

Suggest a WordPress theme?

I had to move Sport Crazy’s hosting recently due to some technical issues. I had seriously customised my previous WordPress theme for search engine optimisation and as it happens the backup I made of my customised theme is corrupt – d’oh! So my options are to reinstall the original theme and make some changes, or […]

Contador starting to feel the pain

Well, wha’did I tell ya? Looks like the TdF winner is unwelcome at a race in Hamburg: Managing director of the race Frank Bertling said: “Our basic position is that we don’t want to have any riders in the Hamburg race who are on the Fuentes list.” That list is said to include over 50 […]