Month: December 2008

Happy Christmas To All

I want to wish a happy Christmas holiday to all our customers, friends and blog readers. I hope that all of my fellow business owners and entrepreneurs manage to take a couple hours break on the 25th. I think 2008, has been a long tough year and I thin…

Investors aren’t worth the trouble?

“Could VC be a Casualty of the Recession?” asks Paul Graham. His new article is about Venture Capitalists losing out when technology startups decide they don’t need investment.
The reason startups no longer depend so much on VCs is on…

Group for Irish LinkedIn and Twitter Users

There was an interesting discussion on LinkedIn in the Twitter stream today.
Given the stateful state (!) of LinkedIn I thought it would be useful to have a LinkedIn group for Irish Twitter Users, so I have created the “Irish Twitter Users Group…

WebsiteDoctor now on Twitter

WebsiteDoctor now has its own twitter account at
The WebsiteDoctor account is slow burn – i.e. infrequently updated – but will be very highly on topic for business and internet marketing topics, and WebsiteDoctor n…

Rugby videos from last couple games

Just a couple videos from games I was at recently. Ireland attacking Argentian line in a rare moment of excitement in the Autumn international. Typically for the game it ended in an error. Leinster Supporters Terrace drown out the Dragons lineout call and Leinster force a turnover – great work! Twas a damned cold night […]