Month: January 2009

Tips For PR To Pitch to Bloggers

Here are my thoughts and suggestions for PR people should pitch stories to bloggers. Oftentimes when PR folks send a story to a blogger they’ll get a nasty reply giving out about spam, one saying “I am not a journalist”, or worse still, complaining about the PR person or their client publically. How to prevent […]

What sports events MUST you attend?

There are loads of sports events I really want to make sure I get to before the next life (when I might not be such a sports fan). Must attend: Hong Kong Sevens Tournament (rugby) – there are loads of rugby 7s tournaments, this is the original headline event. State of Origin series (Australian rugby […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-09

This sounds interesting, might give it a go: “a new web application that uses flashcards to help people study” # Ok, off to rugby training, not looking forward to this cold! # @TrustTommy if you’re on WP is good for embedding mp3s in your blog in reply to TrustTommy # @sineadcochrane but now […]

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-08

@NiallHarbison Vaseline. (hehe) in reply to NiallHarbison #
Great review of “The Secret” on Amazon (text is NSFW if you’re prudish) #
“private company to run a super database containing the identities and loca…


I guess it had to happen sometime, but wow, what a blow to Limerick. I worked in Dell in Raheen (Limerick) back in 1998 or so for a summer d…

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-07

@Talk2O2 afaik it’s running the o2 version of WM6 — showing as “CE OS 5.2.1238 (Build 17745.0.2.3)” in About. in reply to Talk2O2 #
@therealamz I don’t even bother trying to please him. In general know if he doesn’t…

Twitter Weekly Update from WebsiteDoctor

Happy New Year to all! Best of luck with 2009 #
Security warning for Twitter users: be careful about links sent to you via DM. Do not login to Twitter after following links (more …) #
(Security warning cont). Only login by typing “twitter.c…

Twitter Updates for 2009-01-06

@daveredfly downloading and embedding the flv directly from your local directory work? in reply to daveredfly #
@daveredfly just embedded one locally – works fine and doesn’t link back, probably breaks TOS like you said though.…

Yet another MLB player on drugs…

… or is it? Philadelphia Phillies pitcher and World Series winner J.C. Romero has been handed down a 50 game ban for what seems to be a total miscarriage of justice. On July 22, Romero bought a supplement at the GNC store in Cherry Hill. He had it checked by his personal nutritionist, who said […]

Embedding FLV movie directly on your site

This is a brief description of how to embed an FLV movie on your site. This works for videos you have uploaded to your website and embeds it directly i.e. does not link to the video hosting site like YouTube etc. If you want to link to the direct file …