Month: March 2009

Mauls saved – ELV update

The IRB conference (with coaches, refs, administrators and reps from all the major unions) spend the last 2 days reviewing the ELVs. Conclusion: most have been approved and sent on to be ratified, but vitally the maul collapse rule has been rejected (woohoo, that was always a bloody stupid idea), and the “sanctions” rule, which […]

Twitter Weekly Update from WebsiteDoctor

Whitepaper on Social Media – “the who, what, where, when and why” of social media: #
RT @AMcDermott: Notes from my @iia talk today now online at #

[This is a summary of an article from the WebsiteDo…

How to Plan Your Web Project

These notes are from a talk I gave for the Irish Internet Association . It’s called “Planning a web project”, and it was part of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown Enterprise Week 2009. Read on for the slides, notes and a partial transciption of the talk. Planning a Web Project Notes Presentation by Alastair McDermott, for IIA’s […]

6 Nations Final Day Predictions

Coming to this a bit late – I’ve missed the first game of the day where France predictably did a demolition job on Italy. For England – Scotland, I think this is a close game, if Scotland perform like they did in the first half against Ireland then they have a change of winning this […]

Twitter Weekly Update from WebsiteDoctor

Showing Twitter to new people I found some things really help: demo website, then Tweetdeck. Make sure they follow >20 people when you l … #
I’ll blog up why I think those are useful, feel free to @ask me some questions! #

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Think Visibility search conference review

I’m on my way back to Dublin from my trip to the Think Visibility search/web conference in Leeds, and wanted to get some thoughts down. Think Visibility is an interesting departure from the usual massive corporate search marketing conferences. The smaller scale made it feel more like a Barcamp atmosphere. One of the great things […]

Quick Survey on Outsourcing

I’m doing some research on outsourcing. There are 2 surveys: 90 second survey for businesses, buyers and potential buyers of outsourced services. 60 second survey for subcontractors, freelancers and all suppliers of outsourced services. The purpose of this is to find out what attitude and experience people from different perspectives have on outsourcing, and to […]