Month: May 2009

Matt Williams Leaving Ulster Rugby

Breaking news – it appears that Matt Williams is leaving Ulster Rugby! A shock and total surprise. Sad news for Ulster and Irish rugby, Matt is a gentleman and a superb coach and will be greatly missed. Sources: last few minutes of the Ruggamatrix podcast, transcribed by mikerob over on the UAFC board: LK: “the […]

Twitter Hides Replies From Your Friends

Last night, Twitter removed your ability to see @replies from people you follow to people you don’t follow. This is a massive change, because this is one of the primary methods for Twitter users to find other interesting people to follow. If your friends are talking to someone you don’t know, it’s very possible that […]

Turn about is fair play

Leinster beat Munster 25-6 in the 2009 Heineken Cup Semi Final, a reversal of the 2006 result What a win! What a glorious, glorious win! Here’s some pictures from the wonderful occasion, and it certainly was a massive win for rugby and Ireland, as well as Leinster. After my previous post being a humorous response […]