Month: March 2011

Video Page Design

We’re at the stage where we’re uploading loads of video content that we’ve produced up to our video content delivery provider (BitsOnTheRun – they rock). One really important thing I’ve been  working on is the design of the video page … Continue reading

Irish Rugby After Six Nations 2011

Irish rugby is in an interesting place now at the end of 6 Nations 2011, with some good performances in patches, but overall a shoddy tournament. But those of us who want this group of players to perform to their true potential will inevitably be disappointed, as we were through the Eddie O’Sullivan era. And […]

Video Size Preference

I’ve been working a lot on the video display page, because that’s one of the primary areas where you will interact with SelfAssemblySites content. So I’ve added a light-box display to the video, it looks good, but more importantly it … Continue reading