Month: April 2015

Glad that one is done

It looks like another misleadingly beautiful morning out there.  I’m staying in The Fiddlestone Pub and B&B in the village of Beleek on the border of Co. Fermanagh, UK, and Co. Donegal, IE. Raymond has been a fantastic host here, helping us get wet cycling clothes and shoes dried out, all while running a busy […]


  Lying awake since 5, listening to the rain on and off. More off than on as the morning brightens, hopefully! It sounds like it’s going to be another nasty day out there today, I think I’ll bury myself in the middle of the pack today and recover from yesterday’s exertions. Damn that wind for shifting […]

It was a beautiful day, apart from the weather

A very brief update on Day 1, Belfast – Ballymena RFC – Coleraine. 100km. Started 10.50am, finished 6.59pm. Weather: 4 seasons in one day. I regretted not having my winter gloves, very cold afternoon session, although no repeat of the brief hailstone shower of earlier. Some photos of Day 1